The world’s first mattress designed to fit your body profile

Based on the Somatotype profiles, the R90 mattress has 3 different foundation platforms, to release your body weight effectively, cushion joints and muscles, and provide skeletal and postural support. Sports men and women come in all shapes and sizes, and their body profile doesn’t infer their fitness or ability level.

Ectomorph Ectomorph

An Ectomorph body profile is a relatively linear shape with a more delicate build, narrow hips & pelvis, long arms and legs. Typically, they have less fat and muscle mass, however that doesn’t make them weaker!

Mesomorph Mesomorph

A Mesomorph body profile is an average body shape and build. The rectangular shapes of mesomorphs are representative of thicker bones and muscles.

Endomorph Endomorph

An Endomorph body profile is a larger shape and build, with more fat and muscle mass than average, however this like the other profiles, isn’t a negative.

Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction

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Free UK Mainland Delivery Free UK Mainland Delivery

Free shipping on all orders over £75.

Manufactured within the UK Manufactured within the UK

Internationally we design & source the best materials & technologies.

Hypo-alergenic Barrier Hypo-allergenic Barrier

Materials with an inherent treatment preventing the build-up of bacteria.

5 year warranty 5 year warranty

R90 mattresses come with a 5 year warranty and a 10 year best before date.

Carbon Neutral Carbon Neutral

Our aim is to source and use sustainable resources, materials and procedures in everything we do best we can.

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