The R90 Sleepkit Unveiled



About the R90 Sleepkit

Since 1998 Nick Littlehales has been providing elite coaching services and products to professional individuals, athletes and teams. The R90 SleepKit is designed to maximise your recovery potential, along with following the R90 Technique, to improve your performance, mood and motivation. 

The aim of The R90 SleepKit is to:

  • Be a trustworthy, reliable source of sleep and recovery products.
  • Honour individuality by being diverse and buildable, through our layered system, to suit each individual's personal recovery requirements.
  • Use innovative fabric technology and product design to ensure positive gains Pre, During and Post sleep and tick all Key Sleep Recovery Indicators.
  • Reinforce natural recovery methods to enhance physical and mental recovery.
  • Aid consistency by having adaptable products which can be used in the home and travel, in line with the environmental Key Sleep Recovery Indicator.


The R90 SleepKit has been flown internationally with world class squads, followed professional teams on continental tours, travelled to multiple Olympic Villages and rested in the homes of Elite Athletes performing at the top of their sport. Through our athletes, we’re believed to have won more gold medals, championship titles and sporting awards than any other recovery provider.

Nick's philosophy of recovery Pre, During and Post performance reflects our client base too, some are beginning their career, many at the peak and others in retirement. If you would like to find out about what we can do to help you, get in touch via our contact us page.

R90 Sleepkit

Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction

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Free UK Mainland Delivery Free UK Mainland Delivery

Free shipping on all orders over £75.

Manufactured within the UK Manufactured within the UK

Internationally we design & source the best materials & technologies.

Hypo-alergenic Barrier Hypo-allergenic Barrier

Materials with an inherent treatment preventing the build-up of bacteria.

5 year warranty 5 year warranty

R90 mattresses come with a 5 year warranty and a 10 year best before date.

Carbon Neutral Carbon Neutral

Our aim is to source and use sustainable resources, materials and procedures in everything we do best we can.

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