Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I receive sleep coaching?

Nick Littlehales, founder of the R90 SleepKit, is first and foremost an elite sport sleep coach. He trains professional individuals and elite athletes on recovery through R90 Personal Sleep Coaching, R90 Elite Recovery Coaching and Group Coaching. He gives tailored, professional advice, specific to you and your needs. See for more information.

Will R90 products help me sleep better?

R90 products are designed to maximize your recovery potential. As a coach, Nick knows there are many factors which influence your sleep, known as Key Sleep Recovery Indicators. Therefore, a product alone can't change your life, but the right product along with correct lifestyle choices will! R90 SleepKit products are there to provide a practical solution to sleep recovery. See to learn more about our coaching services.

Do you have a showroom?

At this moment, we operate completely online. We have an office based in Nottingham for our team, but take our products to shows and workshops when we are delegates or speakers.

What's the difference between the Home and Travel SleepKit?

The Home SleepKit includes a R90 Mattress, whereas in the Travel SleepKit a PostureMAX 80 Topper is used instead, along with the other layers and a SleepKit Holdall for transportation. Get in touch if you would like more information on our Travel SleepKit.

Do you ship internationally (outside the UK)?

Yes, however you’ll have to get in touch with your shipping address and which products you would like to purchase so we can provide you with a shipping quote.

Do you ship to Northern Ireland?

Yes, although you’ll have to receive a shipping quote from us. Unfortunately, our couriers charge extra to transport our products to you.

I’m not an elite athlete… can I still buy the products?

Of course. Although our products are designed with a focus on athletes, many of our clients are elite in another sense, be that high flyers in business, hospital staff, pilots, or in the military.

Do you have any installation guidelines?

Yes, please download our installation guidelines document.

Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction

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Free shipping on all orders over £75.

Manufactured within the UK Manufactured within the UK

Internationally we design & source the best materials & technologies.

Hypo-alergenic Barrier Hypo-allergenic Barrier

Materials with an inherent treatment preventing the build-up of bacteria.

5 year warranty 5 year warranty

R90 mattresses come with a 5 year warranty and a 10 year best before date.

Carbon Neutral Carbon Neutral

Our aim is to source and use sustainable resources, materials and procedures in everything we do best we can.

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