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Build Your R90 SleepKit

Build Your R90 SleepKit

The R90 SleepKit is 7 layers specifically designed to increase recovery potential, both at home and away. The complete collection ticks all key sleep factors, including full skeletal and postural support, weight pressure sensitivity, body temperature control and high levels of comfort. 

Body Profile

An Ectomorph body profile is a relatively linear shape with a more delicate build, narrow hips & pelvis, long arms and legs. Typically have less fat and muscle mass than a Mesomorph and Endomorph

A Mesomorph body profile is an average body shape and build. The rectangular shapes of mesomorphs are representative of their thick bones and muscles.

An Endomorph body profile is simply a larger body shape and build than an average Mesomorph profile.


The founding product of R90 and the world’s first mattress designed for your body profile. It is a high density, colour coded core to support your individual shape and weight, bonded with Cool Blue 70 viscoelastic foam. It’s castellated to provide optimum air flow and encapsulated in a soft touch, coolMAX, fully removeable and washable outer cover.

UK SINGLE: 90 x 20 x 190cm
UK DOUBLE: 137 x 20 x 191cm
UK KING: 152 x 20 x 200cm
EU SINGLE: 90 x 20 x 200cm
EU DOUBLE: 140 x 20 x 200cm
EU KING: 160 x 20 x 200cm
UK/EU SUPERKING: 180 x 20 x 200cm

Mattress Topper

R90 PostureMAX 50
Created using Cool Blue 70 pro-viscoelastic foam and designed to mould around all body shapes, evenly distributing weight. It minimizes pressure on sensitive limbs, muscles and joints, offering full skeletal and postural support, body temperature control and high levels of comfort. It’s completely versatile layer which can be added to a new or old mattress, instantly improving sleeping surface, and can be easily removed and stored when circumstances change or used directly on the floor as an extra sleeping surface. It’s covered in a soft touch, fully removable and washable outer cover.

R90 PostureMAX 80
This Topper is ideal for athletes on the road and forms a base layer when a mattress isn’t available or suitable. For a topper which goes on top of a mattress, see the PostureMAX 50.
It’s completely versatile layer which can instantly improves sleeping surface, and can easily moved and stored. We have athletes who choose to sleep on this, on the floor, rather than in the hotel bed they are staying in!

Mattress Enhancer

R90 Clusterfibre Comforter

This R90 mattress topper is constructed with individual cassette pockets that are deeply filled with luxurious microfibre clusters, giving you extra support, loftiness and plumpness as you sleep. A light cotton cover adds breathability and freshness, meaning you’ll stay comfortable all night long.


Mattress Protector

Spundown Microfibre Mattress Protector
In association with our supply partners The Fine Bedding Company UK. This protector combines hygiene and convenience with soft comforting protection. It protects against spillages and stains, enhances the life of your mattress. It’s breathability helps maintain a fresh sleep environment.

R90 Mattress Protector
Coming soon

Microvent Linen

Made from a unique NanoTECH microfibre, making it soft touch, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, cool machine wash and quick air drying. It gives the feeling of fresh linen every night and can be rinsed in cold water, drying in less than 20 minutes. The pack contains: 2 x pillow cases, 1 x fitted sheet with airtex sport mesh gusset, 1 x duvet case with easy pop fasteners.


R90 All Seasons Microfibre Duvet

The R90 duvet is designed to give you a comfortable and restorative night’s sleep. The duvet is filled with Smartfil® fibres which help keeps it shape, as well as making it easily compressible for home washing, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. Encased in an ultra-soft fabric, the R90 duvet will provide the highest level of comfort for the quality sleep you need. The four seasons design allows for use all year round, two duvets at 9.0 & 4.5 togs for the Spring and Summer months that combine to make a warm 13.5 tog for the colder nights of winter.


R90 MicroTECH Pillow
Our best selling R90 Product is the world’s first pillow encased in a technical outer cover of breathable, siliconized microfibre, providing head temperature control and comfort. It’s pro-foam central core is optimized for neck/vertebrae balance and postural support.

R90 Clusterfibre Pillow Pair

Maintain your ideal body position with a pair of R90 pillows, created to keep perfect alignment throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. The pillow pairs are highly breathable and hypo-allergenic, ideal for allergy suffers. Filled with fine microfibre clusters and covered in an ultra-soft fabric, it offers medium support for a restorative night’s sleep.

Travel SleepKits

Please get in touch for information on our Travel SleepKits


Please note: You may receive your order in up to 3 separate deliveries, dependant on the products ordered. All products are made to order and delivery times are up to 15 working days. If you have any specific delivery requirements please get in touch before placing your order.

Returns Policy

R90 SleepKit products can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of receiving them. Products must be unused and in their original packaging. Products that cannot be put back into their original packaging may be eligible for a partial refund.

Please note the customer must cover the return delivery cost, unless the product is deemed faulty.

Need advice?

If you are unsure on which products are right for you, get in touch and we can arrange a free product consultation with Nick Littlehales. 

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